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If your wish to apply for Canadian Business Immigration be aware that the Quebec Investor Program take only a limited number of applications.

All Immigrant Investors that wish to Immigrate anywhere in Canada MUST pass through the Quebec investor program as the Federal program is closed permanently for now.

The conditions to apply under the future program should be having a Net Worth of at least CAN $1,600.000 and pay a nonrefundable contribution of CAN $220,000 after about 1 year once your application has been accepted.

Should you be ready to commit for your future in Canada and have at least CAN $1.6 Million in assets under your own name and/or including the spouse assets and will agree to pay CAN $220,000 to the Quebec Investor Program, ONCE you are selected as an Immigrant (not refundable).

Note that past or present Business Ownership or a past or present Management contract as an employee for a minimum of 24 months in the last 5 years is required by the legislation.

The application process for foreign investor program requires filling out comprehensive list of documents by a dedicated team of Immigration Lawyers and Professionals, Accountants and Financial Institutions. It takes at the very least 30 days to process the first part of the application if all documents are in English or French.

You must contact us IMMEDIATELY and provide the following information to start the initial verification process:

A detailed CV / Resume outlining your professional experience or a write up on your business or management experience in the last 5 years.

Proof of Identity: A scanned copy of passport picture page or any nationally issued ID that has the following information – full name, photo, age and citizenship, country of residency.

Your detailed estimated personal net worth and value in Canadian Dollar. (USD or Euro is also fine).