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Skilled Category: Canada encourages applicants to come and settle down under the skilled category. This category assesses an applicant if they can economically establish themselves in Canada, based on points-based assessment. The eligibility assessment is done in the areas of education, age, knowledge of English and/or French, work experience, offer of arranged employment and adaptability.


Investor Category: Canada seeks to attract immigrants who have prior business experience and a certain amount of net worth, and seek to run a business enterprise in Canada after the immigrants take up their permanent residence.

Family Class: Canada believes in the family unification for Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.

Visitor Visa: Canadian Visa Officers issue Visitor Visa to people with a clear intention to visit Canada and thereafter return to their country of residence. The purpose of the visit can be via a letter of invitation Letter from a relative, friend, potential employer from Canada, or can be illustrated in the Purpose of Visit – visit for tourism, or visit for any other purpose (business consulting, to attend a marriage, conference, etc).

Student Visa: Canada welcomes foreign students to come and study in academic institutions across the country. The education institutions could be universities, government colleges or private career colleges. The academic session commences every September, January and April.

Based on information in client’s application, you may be eligible for Express Entry, Super Visa, Work Permit or other categories.

In addition, we provide assistance with Canadian Permanent Residency Renewal, Canadian Citizenship Application as well as Bangladesh Visa, No Visa Required & Passport Application.