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Ontario Entrepreneur Program

If you wish to apply for Ontario Entrepreneur Program, be prepared as it is about to open in matter of few days and works on first come first serve basis.

If you have an idea to implement a new business initiative or buy an existing business, then this program is perfect to nominate yourself for permanent residency in Canada. All the entrepreneurs that wish to immigrate to Ontario, Canada MUST meet their minimum requirements:

Must invest minimum of $500,000 CDN

Have net worth of $800,000 CDN

Should you be ready to commit for your future in Canada and have at least $800,000 CDN net worth under your name and/or including the spouse and willing to invest minimum of $500,000 CDN then you are ready to come aboard. Minimum English skills are acceptable for this program.

You MUST immediately provide the following minimum documents to start the process:

Documentation of the business idea or of an existing business;

Photocopy of the passport;

Your estimated personal net worth detailed (liquid assets and liabilities can be included);

Detailed resume with your education and experience in business ownership and/ or management;

The seats get filled very quickly; there is no time to be uncertain about it. Should you be very serious and committed to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency under this stream, please contact us immediately!!!!

IMPORTANT: The Entrepreneur application must be ready before February 2016, or no other applications will be possible after this draw only. Should you be very serious and committed to apply for the prestigious Canadian Permanent Residency, you must act decisively.

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