One stop service for all your needs in Canada


A2Z Help is your one stop service for all your needs in Canada. We will assist with immigration services to come to Canada. Upon arrival to Canada, we will help with your settlement in Canada and provide all services that you would require.

Our experienced legal professional in Toronto is trained to ensure success for you in migrating to Canada. We provide our clients a comprehensive immigration and settlement plans before and after they arrive in Canada. Our team offers various immigration categories depending on client’s needs and experiences, which are: Skilled Workers/Professionals, Immigration on the Business category, Family class, Work permit and Student visas.



We build relationships with our clients based on trust.

We have a comprehensive immigration and settlement services to offer.

We have a dedicated team of Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants and Settlement consultants, who will support you.

Our professional team will work with you to find the right business opportunity.

Our settlement services team will make you feel at home when you arrive in Canada.

Our mission is to give you the best chance for success.